6 Bench Press Tips | No1 Fitness

6 Bench Press Tips | No1 Fitness

Bench pressing activates many muscles, working everything from your chest to arms and upper back muscles. It is a compound lift that can improve your upper body strength and size.


The bench press is one of the most respected exercises used to develop upper body strength and size; it is also an exercise that is rarely performed correctly. Your trainers will show you the correct way to do a bench press here at No1 Fitness but I have a few tips that you may want to keep in mind when you are next on the bench.


  1. Grip the bar evenly shoulder width apart


  1. Lower the bar all the way down to chest, just above the sternum.


  1. Keep your elbows tucked in as you lower the bar down.


  1. As you press the bar back up, drive the feet into the floor to improve stability.


  1. Keep your chest up throughout the movement; this is known as thoracic extension and retains a strong back while instilling proper bench technique.


  1. Keep a tight grip on the bar, a tighter grip on the bar equals more tension in your lower arms, back and chest. It also means you won’t drop the bar on your face



Keep your core tight to create a stable platform. Shoulder, core and hip stability are all required to execute a perfect bench press. You’re less likely to get into a bad position if your core is strong having a strong core also allows you to lift more smoothly.