A Neat Way To Lose Weight | No1 Fitness

A Neat Way To Lose Weight | No1 Fitness

What is neat? Neat stands for None Exercise Active Thermogenesis. Neat is everything you do that does not count as physical exercise: such as cleaning, shopping and even standing. Neat is comprised of two occupational and social components – it accounts for roughly 15% of calories burned in a day for a fairly active person. That’s a lot and it can be increased. How? You guessed it, by moving more. So move more to burn more calories.

On the surface this may seem obvious but studies have shown it can vary from person to person depending on their occupation and hobbies they can burn upwards of 1500cals per day. Basically Neat’s a massively useful tool to have in your weight loss arsenal.

Ways to increase neat

  • If you’re emailing a colleague in the building put down the mouse and take a stroll over to their office to pass on the message.
  • Get off the train a stop early from work; plug in those headphones and power walk the rest of the way.
  • Stand up more, when taking calls on your mobile phone stand up to take the call. This might seem like a small thing but it makes a difference.
  • Scrap modernized laziness such as online banking and shopping delivery. If you must, make a conscious decision not to buy milk or bread meaning you will have to take a trip to the shop instead.
  • Build a fort with the kids. Playing with the kids can massively increase activity levels.
  • Most importantly track your steps with a pedometer.


It can be very hard to track many aspects of Neat since it’s comprised of many components from fidgeting to running for a bus. But one if not the most important component that can be tracked are your steps. Download an app such as pedometer and it will keep track of your daily activity. See what you average over a normal week is, then make a conscious effort to increase that by a couple thousand. This can be very important especially when on a diet.

Studies have shown that when you decrease calories your body makes adjustment to make you more energy efficient and instead tries to save calories thus hindering your weight loss efforts. Don’t be foiled by this smart biological trickery. Keeping track of your steps will give you a rough enough estimate of your daily Neat ultimately shifting those pounds.

P.s The more lean muscle you have the more calories your body burns when moving so keep hitting the gym for them gains.