Does It Matter What Oil We Cook With? | No1 Fitness

Does It Matter What Oil We Cook With? | No1 Fitness

Every cooking oil has its own unique boiling point and as such some are able to withstand very high temperatures. Olive oil for example is best used as a dressing because when heated to boiling point it turns into a trans fat, which is a bad fat. Olive oil also loses the majority of its benefits when it is heated.

In comparison to this, coconut oil is able to withstand the highest temperatures whilst holding onto all of its benefits and studies have shown it to have high amounts of healthy fats; which help satisfy our appetites. So which is better? We recommend cooking or frying in coconut oil!


It’s well accepted and proven that eating good fats is vital if you want to lose weight. People tend to go to low-fat food for fat loss and replace natural fats with carbs, while food manufacturers replace fat with sugar, leading to a huge increase in nutrient poor calories. Here are the benefits of fats and why they are important in a balanced diet:


–  Better reproductive health

–  Better brain function and mood with less risk of depression

–  Stronger bones and decreased chance of getting osteoporosis

–  Better cholesterol ratio and reduced heart disease risk

–  Increase satiety


Bottom line…

Healthy fats help you lose fat by improving your metabolism and eliminating cravings.