Establishing A Goal | No1 Fitness

Establishing A Goal | No1 Fitness

Walking into a fitness environment can be very intimidating at first. You’ll see plenty of fit trainers and their clients working hard to get results and you might wonder how you’ll fit in. Below we have a few ways you can maximise your results while training at No1 fitness.

To start with you need to establish why you want to start training? If you say you’re looking to ‘lose weight with minimal effort’ or ‘it was an impulsive moment’ you might let yourself down. This journey isn’t going to be easy and you’ll have to put a lot of effort in. You need to outline exactly what you want to achieve and give yourself a deadline to reach your goal.

Write down why you are training – this is very important, if not more than just having a mental goal. If you want to drop a dress size in order to improve your self-esteem at work or be healthier are solid reasons to help you persevere when it gets tough. Write down your goals to reinforce them to yourself.

You will make mistakes however; it’s part of the process. If you’re planning to wait around for the perfect program to achieve the perfect goal you’ll set yourself up to fail. The best way to achieve sustainable results is to find out how your body works, adapt your training program and stay focused!

If you’ve always had the fear being at the gym, take action by introducing a few ways mentioned above and you’ll be a step further. Don’t let procrastination or lack of motivation stop you from achieving your desired goals and staying healthy.

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