How Many Meals Should I Eat A Day? | No1 Fitness

How Many Meals Should I Eat A Day? | No1 Fitness

We’ve all heard conflicting advice about how many meals we should be eating in a day. We’re told we should eat up to six meals a day to increase your metabolism, while others say we should just eat one meal a day to lose fat. So which is it?

Intermittent fasting is one way people aim to lose weight by eating as little as one meal a day. A common reason people lose weight this way is because it’s surprisingly difficult to cram 2500 calories into one meal and they end up in a calorie deficit, which makes them lose weight.

It is said that eating up to 6 meals a day improves your metabolism and controls your blood sugar. The longer you wait between meals, the hungrier you get; which is why you should eat more often. Many people feel hungry after eating due to their blood sugar levels dropping. After 5 hours your blood sugar level plummets and you crave calorie dense foods.

This is why breakfast is so important. After 7 hours of sleep without food, you need energy to get you moving. Your best bet is to cut your daily calories. If you want to eat more often, you can as long as you keep your calories in check or increase your activity levels.

Of course there isn’t much difference between people who eat very frequently or not as long as the amount of calories they’re consuming stays the same. If you eat one meal with 2500 calories a day you might feel a little uncomfortable by the evening but you won’t gain or lose any more weight than someone who consumes 2500 calories in 6 meals a day. So the rule is eat as many meals as you feel comfortable with.