How To Get Better At Pull Ups | No1 Fitness

How To Get Better At Pull Ups | No1 Fitness

Pull-ups are difficult at first but once you master the challenging exercise they’ll be a piece of cake. So how do you go about that? Well here’s what our trainers have to say.

Use elastic bands: elastic bands are useful because they help lift part of your body weight taking some work away from your arms depending on the thickness of the band.

Tighten your grip: this one seems obvious but if your grip is loose then the weight is put on the tendons in your arms instead of your back which can cause injuries. This way you are actually training your target muscles.

Engage your core: this one is often underestimated; by engaging your core you are recruiting many more muscle groups to help lift your body. Many muscles make lighter work.

To increase the amount of reps you can do start by writing down the most reps you can do and the next time you do pull-ups, do 5 more reps. The more you do this the more reps you’ll be able to do.


Top Tips:  

  • Eccentric pull-ups – hold your weight and lower yourself down for 3 seconds.
  • Use the eccentric part of the lift to help you get back up
  • Do assisted pull ups using a band or someone to help you
  • Set a bar on the squat rack and pull up with your legs on the floor