How To Know Your Personal Trainer is Seriously Epic

How To Know Your Personal Trainer is Seriously Epic

There are so many personal trainers in just London, let alone the rest of the country, all performing seemingly great jobs. So how do you know that your Personal Trainer is seriously epic? How do they stand out from the crowd?

Here are the seriously key points from our founder Harry to look out for that will put them in the epic section. We look for these in all of our trainers – if your trainer doesn’t fit in with this criteria, ask yourself how are you going to be epic!

The best personal trainers are the ones that love what they do. They have a genuine passion for health and fitness and helping people. When you arrive to the session, are they full of energy and do they motivate you throughout the session? Their attention should be focussed on you throughout the workout, paying attention to your form, they are engaged in your conversations and their body language suggests that they want to be there. On their phones? Call them out on it!

They are also constantly promoting health in their own lives. It is important that your trainer is practicing what they preach. Are they training for competitions or taking part in races? Are they pushing themselves like they push you? Are they achieving things outside of the studio that inspires you to keep pushing forward too? Are you proud to tell other people that they are your trainer? Do you want to show them off? These questions often have obvious answers with a good personal trainer.

Are you getting results and do they get results with their other clients too? Everyone initially will chose a personal trainer to help them achieve a goal or reach new targets. Personal training can be a big investment, so you want to be confident that your trainer can help you hit these targets. Do they have a portfolio of examples where their clients have achieved results? Do they have before and after photos, or a track record of showing progress? Most importantly are you making progress, are they tracking this, and if so, is it going the way you want? These points are all really important.

Communicating with you outside of the sessions is really important. An epic trainer is with you every step of the way. They should be checking in to make sure that you are completing your homework or making sure that you are on point with your nutrition. Does your trainer send you a text out the blue, congratulating on your achievements or letting you know how well you did in the last session? Does the text change your mood for the rest of the day? The level of care trainers should bring extends further than the one or two hours you spend with them in the gym. An epic personal trainer will spend time outside of the gym creating programs for you to follow and almost coaching you in other areas, such as sleep, nutrition and day to day habits. There is so much more that goes into personal training than the workout.

Finally is your personal trainer educating you? Are you actually learning about why you are doing certain things, or are you just told what to do? The most important thing about personal training is being shown how to take ownership of your own choices, but understand what that does to you when you make them. An epic trainer will explain to their clients what is happening every step of the way. This is the difference between getting a workout that just makes you hot and sweaty and learning as you go along.

If you are looking to get a trainer or currently training with a personal trainer in London, use these 5 points to establish if you are with an epic trainer, you will realise right away. If not, why not give us a call?