How To Survive The Holiday Season | No1 Fitness

How To Survive The Holiday Season | No1 Fitness

Did you survive the party season?

Every year during the Christmas period, we find lots of drinks available every way you go, but when eating healthy or dieting, always the same question: Should I allow myself another drink? should have a break from it? may as well start again in January right?

The answer is: Wrong.

During this time of year, the choices you make with your drinks can dictate your body composition.

Below are a couple of tips will help limit any excess calories being consumed whilst on a night on the p**s

1) Drink plenty of water before and after to keep hydrated. Some electrolytes will also help.
2) Keep the mixers to the diet variety. They’re much lower in calories compared to the full fat version.
3) Avoid any food after your night out. A couple of drinks won’t contain that many calories if you make the right choices, but adding a kebab to the mix is a whole different story

So how many calories are in each drink?
1 x Vodka (single) & Diet Coke: 57kcal
1 x Gin (single) & Slim line Tonic: 54kcal
1 x Pint of Lager: 256kcal
1 x Large glass of Red Wine: 228kcal

You can still go out and have a few drinks, just be aware of how much you’re putting into your body

Click here to watch a video explanation on “How to survive the party season with minimal damage”.

[How to survive the party season with minimal damage by No1Fitness personal trainer Andy Farquharson].