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How you can burn belly fat

Joel Dommett: How star went from sex tape to SIX PACK
JOEL DOMMETT, a comedian who appeared in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, displayed his ripped physique in the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle and on his social media account leaving the public admiring his muscled frame.

Working out and caring about health and fitness has never been so trendy – and having a gym-honed body on the beach this summer is still the in-thing.

Stars of screen and stage are often pictured showing off their ripped torsos and muscular bodies; this personal trainer believes you too can have the body of your dreams, but you’ll have to put in the work.

Joel Dommett, 31, shot to fame in Channel 4 cult show Skins; sadly the actor-come-comedian was duped into into having internet sex with someone posing as a Russian model. The star has spoken openly about the incident since the ‘sex tape’ was leaked online. In late 2016 he wrote an Instagram note to his fans urging anyone who had been affected by a similar incident to seek help with the Samaritans.

His fans rallied around him during his time of need – with one tweeting during his time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle: “Everyone has seen what a true gent you are and that defines you, not this video.”

Thankfully Joel appears to have come out of the other side of his ‘catfishing’ experience as strong as ever – especially when it comes to his ripped torso. And the star isn’t afraid to show it off on social media.



HOW LONG SHOULD I SPEND IN THE GYM? PT Ben Camara said: “To maintain Joel’s physique, I’d expect you should be doing a 60 minute of training, three to five days per week.”


Ben said: “The key to maintaining a toned and ripped body is core muscle building moves such as squats, deadlifts, presses – simple focused moves that keep you lean.

“For a similar look and to keep it balanced your sessions should combine split routine days of focussing on a set muscle group such as chest but also working a lot on keeping your body fat down with some cardio of choic

Ben believes workouts that include short and intense bursts of exertion also help to create Joel’s uber-toned look.

“High intensity bursts are also a favourite and recommended,” Ben said.

“Finally you should be focussing a lot on his abdominal muscles. Usually the last five minutes of a sessions these are like any muscle and need to be worked.”


Everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen, and Joel probably doesn’t feast on pizza and chips to get his physique.

Ben said: “If you want to build muscle while keeping your waist slim, focus on nutrient timing and cut off your last meal around 7pm.

“Sleep is also critical, especially if you can get your head down by 10pm to 6am as sleeping with your circadian rhythms is essential to hormone production.”

Loose Women viewers were in uproar as Gloria Hunniford flirted up a storm with Joel Dommett as they practiced their mock Fifty Shades of Grey audition.

The Loose Women panel – which consisted of Martine McCutcheon, Andrea McLean, Gloria and Jane Moore – told Joel that he looked a lot like Jamie Dornan; who plays Christian Grey in the much-talked about franchise.




What you eat is important if truing to create a look like Joel’s

They then proceeded to dim the lighting, while Gloria acted out the skit, which has since been slammed as “cringeworthy” by viewers.

Telling Gloria what he does, Joel explained with a wiggle of his eyebrows: “I’m a comedian,” as Gloria stared at his face and replied: “What exactly does that mean?”

Taking things up a notch, Joel told her: “That means I want you to willingly surrender yourself to me,” as Gloria asked: “Why would you want me to do that?”

The comedian then said: “To please me.”


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