Interview With PT David | No1 Fitnes

Interview With PT David | No1 Fitnes

David competed in and won the Miami Pro Competition 2015 while working a full time insurance underwriting job. This has given him invaluable knowledge when it comes to transformations as he can fully appreciate what clients will have to go through in their own transformations and fitting it around their work lives. Below we will be asking him a few questions about his experience.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I used to work in an office environment for 5 years and it just wasn’t for me. So about a year ago I decided to change careers, fitness has always been my hobby and it’s one of the only things I actually care about enough to have as a career.

What made you want to become a PT?

The opportunity to help others feel better about themselves and improve their quality of life.

How often do you train?

I train 5 to 6 times a week and always have Sunday off ready to start again on Monday.

Tell us about the Miami Pro competition?

Miami Pro is one of the biggest fitness physique shows in the UK. I signed up to compete about 4 months before the competition. As I had such a short amount of time to prepare I had to be really strict with my nutrition and training. To add to the challenge I didn’t take any supplements so this took an enormous amount of discipline. I thought going through a transformation myself and going onstage, competing will give me some exposure and experience. In the end the hard work and sacrifices paid off! I won the under 75kg fitness model category.

How often did you train for that?

I had 6 weight training sessions a week with some cardio on 3 of those days.

Would you do it again?

Yeah! Having won the amateur competition and winning my pro card I’ll compete in the professional competition next year, which I am currently training for.

How does being in a competition influence your personal training sessions?

I can fully empathise with clients, as I know that training around full time work can be pretty stressful. But I encourage my clients and let them know how much better they’ll feel after the training session and how much more focused they’ll be in their work. Being in competitions has made me pretty competitive so I want to get the best transformation results for my clients.

What advice do you give your clients?

Stay consistent! Don’t under value the importance of nutrition and training. Get your sessions in and over time you’ll see your results. A transformation is so rewarding.