Interview With PT Neil Brooker | No1 Fitness

Interview With PT Neil Brooker | No1 Fitness

How should a person prepare for one of your classes?


Have a good meal a couple of hours before and allow your food to properly digest. Stay well hydrated and be prepared to work hard!


Do you have any advice for a clients suffering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)?


Stay hydrated, eat protein and make sure you keep moving.



What advice do you give to a client who is giving up?


I would remind them of the reason they started. It is easy to forget when you’re going through a rough patch but the reason why is always the biggest motivator.



What is your favourite exercise?


The Squat and the Lunge, because they are full body workouts and they burn lots of calories.



What is the most important advice you’d give to a client?


Enjoy the journey, trust the process and achieve your dreams.



What do you love the most about No1 Fitness?


I love seeing the hard work the clients and trainers put in, which pay off to give great results.



Fun Fact:

What is your favourite film?


The Notebook is my favourite film by far, it is simply amazing.