Maximising Muscle Growth | No1 Fitness

Maximising Muscle Growth | No1 Fitness

Are you dropping a dress size to fit into your favorite dress, improve your self-esteem or are you just looking to gain muscle? The days are getting shorter and the weather colder; don’t let this distract you from your end goal. Below are a few tips on maximizing muscle growth.

A standard set of 10 reps for an average person can take between 25-35 seconds to complete depending on your speed. The duration of the set and your tension are key factors in determining your muscle growth. By putting the muscle under strain longer, you can cause more muscle breakdown leading to those lean and defined muscles we all want.

If you don’t have a lot of time an alternative to the barbell is the kettle bell. This is almost certainly a quick and easy way to get your quick squat fix instead of the lengthier barbell setup. The placement of the kettle bells and the increased use of your core makes this one of the best for maximizing your gains quickly and is great practice for when you use the actual barbell.

Make sure you spend more time on the eccentric portion of the movement. This is the lowering part when your muscle is lengthening slowly. Slowing down the eccentric part of a lift causes more muscle damage and encourages more growth.

The best way to achieve sustainable results is to experiment. Figure out how your body works and don’t be afraid to tweak your training program.

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