Meet Roger | No1 Fitness

Meet Roger | No1 Fitness

The team at No1 Fitness are putting Roger through his very own 12 week transformation.  Usually our clients are assigned to one/ two trainers.  We are mixing it up however and with Roger’s transformation.  During the next 12 weeks, every single trainer will be taking him through sessions.  It is a huge team project, and one that we are all confident in achieving some great results with him.

Meet Roger

Some of you may have seen Roger at the City studio in the office.  Roger is head of business development for No1 Fitness Education.  He has now been with us for around 6 months and is ready to see how far he can push himself.  Roger’s day to day roles involve speaking with potential new students who are keen to become a personal trainer.

Roger currently trains at his local gym around 4 times per week, but has never done personal training before.  His 2 main goals are do reduce a serious amount of body fat. His words exactly were, ” I want to get completely shredded that I almost look ill”

If you look at his Boditrax reading (below), his Body fat is currently 15%.  Roger would like to get his percentage down to 8.

Roger also has a number of issues with his shoulders and back and has mentioned that he would really like to improve his mobility here.

Here are his before photos (look above).  Usually we wouldn’t show these, however we want to create more pressure for both Roger and the team.  By allowing everyone else to see these will make that end result even more important.

Like all of our clients, Roger went to see mark for his nutrition consult.

Mark said:

Roger came into his consultation with the primary goal of body fat reduction and had one big question on his mind…what do I need to eat to get absolutely ripped?

Before we delved to deep into that question I had him take me through his current eating routine to see what habits he was already in that we should look to continue with, highlight any areas where we could look to make improvements and calculated what his calorie intake would need to be over the coming weeks to achieve the physique he is looking for.

Once this had been done we started to look at the breakdown of those calories and what types of foods he’d need to introduce into his diet. Making these changes can often be difficult and require a fair amount of will power, so it’s important we try to turn any necessary behaviours needed for change into habits as quickly as we can. To do this I gave Roger 3 key habits to focus on that would also have a positive knock on effect with these rest of his nutrition and training, they were;

1. Eat protein with every meal.
This will ensure that Roger hits his protein minimum target for the day and holds on to as much muscle mass a possible whilst in a calorie deficit

2. Eat vegetables with every meal
Whilst we want to make visible changes to Rogers physique, it is also important we make sure he stays healthy. A wide variety of fruit and vegetables will ensure his micronutrient intake is covered.

3. Walk 12,500 steps per day
Even though he is training 5 days a week, that is only 5 hours out of 128 in a 7 day period, so it is important that he focuses on staying active and burning energy outside of his training session.

I will be having fortnightly catch ups with Roger to check he is adhering to his nutrition recommendations and make any changes necessary to get him to where he wants to be.

Roger’s office based role presents perfect examples of areas in both postural and physical weaknesses, and by his own admission, his dietary monitoring is lacking.

Or in other wordsRoger will be a great example of what huge and retainable  improvements can be made to someone who’s occupation is typical of many who work in the City. 

We’re really looking forward to getting Roger taller, broader, and leaner in his transformation and can’t wait to show you the results of our sustainable techniques and his dedication to the plan.

Track Roger’s progress on our Instagram, twitter, and Facebook, you’ll also see him at our City studio training every day.

His Final photos will be taken on 9th December.