Micro Nutrients & Water | No1 Fitness

Micro Nutrients & Water | No1 Fitness

Sitting in the middle of the table is micronutrients; otherwise know as vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients are named as such because the body only needs them in small doses. Yes it’s true you can lose weight and gain muscle without having a high level of those in your diet. But don’t underestimate the importance of these tiny morsels, as they are vital to maintaining healthy bones, ligaments and your immune system. Don’t take any risks I recommend stocking up on a healthy sized portion of fruit and veg with every meal.




I don’t have to go in to how vital this is for life and we all know humans can’t go for more than 3 days without water. But how important is water to training, weight loss and muscle gain? Well water makes you feel full for longer and stops you snacking. But most important is water’s effect on performance. Being dehydrated by as little as 3% of your body weight before a workout can:


  • Inhibit performance up to 30%+
  • Reduce blood flow volume
  • Decrease perspiration
  • Increase muscle glycogen use


These are just 4 reasons why being dehydrated affects your performance. So how much water do I recommend you glug down a day? Well the truth is I am reluctant to give an exact amount. How much you sweat and the climate you live in are all factors. Lyle McDonald a fitness and nutrition expert says a good rule to go by is if you have 5 clear pees a day you’re on the right track, I recommend starting from there. So make sure you keep a couple litres of water by your desk 😉