Naturally Improve Sleep | No1 Fitness

Naturally Improve Sleep | No1 Fitness

It is important to clarify that people should always rely upon “natural” ways of improving sleep without the use of supplementations.

Here are some tips to naturally improve sleep:

  1. Have a high carbohydrate meal before sleep. Research shows a greater REM sleep (deep sleep) with a 130 gr of carbohydrate meal compared to a low (47 gr) or a no carb meal.
  1. Limit the amount of caffeine consumed between 4-6 hours before bedtime or switch to a less caffeinated drink.
  1. Avoid Alcohol, research shows a decrease in REM sleep due to the metabolism boosting effects of alcohol, other consequences are tachycardia, headaches, full bladder which may increase the “toilet trips” and consequently interrupt sleep cycles (so limit fluid consumption before bed).
  1. Turn off all electrical devices (especially the ones with LED light) at least 1 hour before bedtime and try to sleep in a very dark room.
  1. Have a balanced meal before bed time and make sure to consume enough protein due to the satiating effect, which makes you feel fuller for longer.

Now let’s look at possible supplementation:

  1. Melatonin – is a hormone that controls the natural “body clock” (circadian rhythm); supplementation of between 1-3 grams per night has been shown to aid sleep quality.
  1. Valerian or valerian root – is a plant used to treat insomnia and anxiety.A recent meta-analysis showed sleep improvement consequent to valerian ingestion.

All in all whether you sleep at night with the aid of supplements or not, getting at least 6 full hours of sleep each night is paramount in achieving your weight loss goals.

– Bruno