New No1 Fitness City Studio | No1 Fitness

New No1 Fitness City Studio | No1 Fitness

No1Fitness is pleased to announce that our City studio refurbishment project has been finalised!
We welcome you all to come and experience our new facilities, which have been slightly altered with a modern look.
We have been working hard over the past few months to revamp the look and feel of the gym!
This new appearance includes new consultation room for one to one trainer-client sessions, also a brand new more spacious toilet closer to changing rooms. Both, male and female changing rooms have been completely re-designed matching No1Fitness’s company image.

Alongside with all mentioned improvements, we have created more space in the fitness slots area, what will improve your sessions massively letting you more space to exercise.

We can not wait for you guys to come on board and experience our new concept, from reception to our brand new equipment.

We really hope you like the new makeover at City Studio!

[Watch video HERE]