Nutrition Is Important: Easy Ways To Stay On Top | No1 Fitness

Nutrition Is Important: Easy Ways To Stay On Top | No1 Fitness

Sticking to a nutrition plan can be the hardest part in changing your lifestyle for the better. To some getting up at 5am every morning to have an hour-long personal training session three times a week is easy. While cooking a nutritious meal from scratch or having a leafy green salad for dinner is the hardest part. Exercise may seem to be gruelling to those looking in from the outside but you’ll be surprised to find that sticking to a new food plan while still having all the temptations around you can prove to be too difficult for some. So here are a few tips on sticking to your nutrition plan.


Tip 1. Eat food you actually like to eat! Don’t force yourself to eat food you don’t enjoy, if you don’t like eggs and eat them because you think that sacrifice is the only way to lose that weight, you will cave in. You can’t stick to a plan that involves food you find unpleasant. Eat real foods that you enjoy and are not processed and are as close to their natural state as possible.


Tip 2. Plan ahead for birthdays, dates or drinks with work friends. If you know you have one of these events coming up don’t wait until you’re there being pressured to order a dessert or an extra glass of wine. Say no then and there or plan ahead and leave early or choose to go to a restaurant with a more healthy selection of food. Some people would count these nights out as a cheat meal but don’t use this as an excuse to have a cheat meal all the time.


Tip 3. Educate yourself about calories and what contains a lot of them, drinks such as pressed apples and non-alcoholic drinks you can buy contain more calories than you would think. So I will stress the importance of checking the amount of calories on the drink’s packaging and tracking them on an app such as ‘My Fitness Pal’.


Tip 4. Teach yourself the difference between hunger and cravings. Once you can identify when you’re actually hungry and when you’re bored you can begin to curb the cravings and stick to the right track on your nutritional plan. Motivate yourself every day by writing a list of reasons you want to lose weight and read them aloud to yourself every morning.