Pre Workout Nutrition & Stretching | No1 Fitness

Pre Workout Nutrition & Stretching | No1 Fitness

We all want to succeed and achieve our goals. However good our intentions are for the journey, the execution of the process may be the issue that stops us from achieving our desired results. Here are 5 tips that have helped me stay focused and improve.

Pre workout nutrition

Similar to a car the limit, how far we can go depends on the amount of fuel we have. We’ve all been there. Either not eating at all or going for a prolonged time before our workout without food. More than likely 100% of the time the session had been below par in strength and energy. So just like a car if your journey requires a full tank of fuel and you only have half it’s not going to work. That being said there’s also the danger of over eating so there will be a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you.

For me personally I like a portion of protein in the form of meat, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a black coffee. My reasons for these are that protein contains essential amino acids, which help prevent catabolism (a process where the body breaks down existing muscle tissue to use as an energy source).

Coconut oil because the body easily absorbs it. Which means it can be converted into energy quickly. And if you’re cutting out/down carbs this is perfect.

Coffee because it has been shown to improve circulation, which in turn increases blood flow, which gets more oxygen and nutrients into muscle, not mention that I really like it!

Mobility and Targeted stretching

When we perform an exercise the goal for each rep should be to move in a full range of motion (FROM). In doing so, we will increase the strength of tendons and ligaments, which help prevent injury. The use of strength training with FROM will increase flexibility, burn more calories, and have a positive impact on anabolic (muscle building) hormone production.

Now as I I’ve experienced with clients previously; poor posture obtained from sedentary lifestyles, such as sitting at a desk or sofa for prolonged time or sleeping on too many pillows can cause muscles to become hypersonic and adaptively short. Evidence of this happening can been seen in the form of forward head posture, rounded shoulders, hunched upper backs, anterior pelvic tilt, sciatic pain. Any one of these can prevent FROM being achieved. So the use of foam rolling, dynamic stretching and band assisted mobility drills can help free impinged joints, and deactivate inhibiting muscles which will help improve posture and aid the process of greater muscular growth.

– Jon