Proper Exercise and Sleep: How to Find the Time

Proper Exercise and Sleep: How to Find the Time

“I have a demanding job.”

“I take care of my kids right after work.”

“I’m so busy.”

“I’m tired!”

…If your morning commute is to the famous Bank, Moorgate or Liverpool Street areas, then a long day of work ahead can mean you make the above excuses on a regular basis. These are just a few of the daily complaints we hear from new clients around the reasons they either don’t exercise or don’t sleep. Does that sound like you? If so then the first question I would ask is, do all your colleagues, clients and partners around you suffer the same lack of motivation? With a high functioning career comes a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. But don’t let that sacrifice your health.

Mindset for You

Most of the time, all it takes is just a good and proper mindset. No matter how busy you say you are, you have to admit that you still have time to socialise, browse through your social media accounts, and chat with a friend. It may be true that you don’t have time in your own perspective, but, you can always make time if you prioritise. Remember, having “me” time regularly in a form of workouts will ultimately help you blow off some steam, unwind, and relieve stress and depression, making you more efficient at work, more active for your partner or kids, and gives you more energy throughout the day. It’s this shift in mindset that the exercise and sleep routines make you more productive and in turn it becomes almost your own meditation.

Training as your Meditation

Here at No1 Fitness we realise that personal training needs to be convenient, personal training needs to be near you and your work and it MUST give you much more than just a workout. Through training you should gain a much better understanding, a much better education of your body, mind and where you can make changes. It’s not enough to just sweat – through training you will learn to connect mind with body.

Sleep is the Most Powerful Supplement!

If you’ve been working in the City for over 12 months there will be more complaints than the above, but you’ll also perhaps be struggling with the cornerstones of good healthy habits, your sleep, nutrition and training. Sleep above all is the cheapest “supplement” to what you are currently doing that you can in fact immediately impact. Unlike the gym, you can’t get away from it so to use your sleep as a tool to improve rather than destruct should be fixed and cemented into your regime.

Training is and always will be another cornerstone that needs focus, however due to physical demands this does need to fit into your daily schedule, whether it be our 6 week challenges which incorporate all or a 1-2-1 approach tailored to your ‘LIFE’.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Sleep and Training!

The Importance of Sleep

As mentioned above sleep is something you will either tell your body to do or ultimately have your body tell you, you need. A natural occurrence to your day-to-day living. You sleep when you’re tired, you sleep after a day of work, sometimes you fall asleep when you’re on your way home while riding a bus or train. You need to sleep not just to rest but also for your body to recover and regenerate. It maintains physical health and mental health, and it also strengthens the immune system.

It’s as important to our body as exercise, and by the way, do you know that being in a state of lack of sleep encourages weight gain? Too little sleep increases the production of ghrelin, a hunger hormone, that may lead to unhealthy cravings to fatty and junk foods. While these foods are already unhealthy themselves, they also make you feel depressed and sluggish enough to be less motivated to work and also to exercise. Have a quality and good night’s sleep for a more productive day ahead.

Train to Sleep

Before you proceed to make time to “train”, you must know how to train yourself on little things.

1. Train yourself to wake up earlier than usual

Morning exercise and workouts have lots of benefits, for one, your children could still be sleeping during these hours. Moreover, it is medically proven that fat oxidation occurs naturally when you exercise prior to breakfast and it helps your body to burn more fats and calories.

2. Train yourself to limit screentime.

Checking Instagram, browsing through your newsfeed, and browsing Netflix channels aimlessly is a sure way to waste your time. It’s okay to relax, but you have to set a time limit for yourself.

3. Train yourself to maximise the time you spend on every activity.

When you wake up earlier than usual, you can do warm-up activities and sweat while brewing your coffee. You can even walk or run your way to work, just make sure you always bring changing clothes and/or shower stuff with you.

4. Train yourself to eat healthily.

This is by far the easiest trick to keep yourself fit despite your busy schedule. When we’re too busy, it’s always easy for us to turn ourselves into unhealthy habits, this includes stress-eating and eating too much of our so-called “comfort foods” which are usually unhealthy. Keeping yourself on the right diet would help you keep your weight at the least.

5. Train yourself to delegate tasks; train your family to help you.

Don’t carry all the burden on your shoulders. You are not alone! You know the saying, “teach them young”? If you have children and you find it difficult to make time for yourself, delegate little tasks to your children, appropriate to their age. For example, at least a high school age young one can do the dishes, teach the little ones to wipe the dining table. If you’re a parent, then your partner should also be involved in your road to fitness so try to set turning shifts with them in taking care of the kids most especially on weekends, or ask them to cook the dinner for the family. This way, you’ll find time to work-out and ultimately work as a team to do so.

There are a lot more things you can do to be fit even if you’re very busy, and being busy is unfortunately just an excuse. If you need that extra push, our starting packages are from £120 per month for 30 minute class sessions, if you’re reading this then take advantage of 50% off your first month – just speak to a member of the team and mention the article.

Anything is possible, just don’t look for excuses.