Quick & Healthy Food Options Around London Bridge

Quick & Healthy Food Options Around London Bridge

As personal trainers, we of course know the importance of eating well. It’s one of the first things we assess at No1 Fitness. But as mentioned in our previous post on what makes a great personal trainer, we also inherently know that our clients have to fit healthy eating into their lifestyles – and that it’s not always easy.

So in that spirit, we’ve selected 3 tips and restaurants for healthy on-the-go food options around the area of our London Bridge gym – and for those of you who are visiting our city gym – look out for another post from Ben shortly.

We hope these tips can have you ‘hacking’ your London nutrition right away!

Lean and Mean with Leon

Located on Tooley Street, Leon is one of our favourite quick food options. Their slogan ‘Naturally Fast Food’ sums them up nicely, and we like the selection of clean nutrition and the wide range of catering for some of our vegetarian or vegan clients.

The Chicken Salad is a simple classic, and absolutely chock full of protein from avocados and chicken to help you recover from a tough gym session!

Protein from Pret A Manger

Oh reliable Pret; always there when you need it!

With a Pret seemingly located every few meters in London, it’s always an option, and also has some really great meals for when you’re in a rush. When visiting Pret you want to go for the leaner options, which will keep you sharper for the afternoon and generally deliver better nutrition so you don’t accidentally overeat – the enemy of on-the-go!

The Tuna Nicoise Salad is a selected staff favourite. It contains a ton of fresh tomato, tuna, eggs, olives and more, and at under 470 calories it’s a winner from us!

When it comes to Pret, generally try to avoid the sandwiches and pasta, which will deliver a lot less protein per meal and often have you easily eating 500+ calories without feeling satisfied (or ‘satiated’ as we trainers call it; something protein does very well).

A great vegan option from Pret is the Sweet Potato Falafel & Smashed Beets Veggie Box which runs in at only 407 calories and is absolutely delicious!

In a Rush at Starbucks

Okay, we know this might sound like an odd one out. Starbucks for good nutrition? We’re certainly not saying you eat here every day, as the temptation from the pastry selection is pretty high!

But we also know that sometimes you will be in a very quick hurry and will inevitably nip into a Starbucks, as they are so readily available.

In this situation, it’s a great pick-me-up and nutritional hack to look for the small bags of fruit and nuts Starbucks do; their Almonds, Cashews, Cranberries & Raisins is a great go-to. It won’t replace a meal, but paired with a black coffee is a good mid-morning alternative to a sugar filled pastry, with the nuts and fruit delivering a bunch of vitamins, minerals, some healthy fats and a little protein hit too. Cafe Nero, Costa and similar coffee venues will have something close to this.

When in Starbucks you will want to try to keep your coffee lean too – not an easy feat! Try to avoid any of the “Frappuccino” range which often have lots of added sugar meaning you are often consuming a ton of extra calories without even realising it. Black coffee without sugar will contain virtually no calories and give you that often desired energy boost.

These are some ‘quick and dirty’ tips for staying on point with your nutrition when in a hurry. What are some of your nutrition hacks whilst on the go? Share with us here or on our Facebook page!