Staying healthy around Liverpool St Station

Staying healthy around Liverpool St Station

It is very easy to eat unhealthily in the city, in deep fried options on every corner, a new burger joint offering the latest juice burger or milkshake.

Luckily now more so than ever for Londoners there are awesome options now in place.

In our previous post, Harry showed some great healthy options from around our London Bridge studio. To complement that, Ben has pulled recommendations from personal trainers at our Liverpool Street gym for some of their favourites: tasty food with a focus more on health.

Farmer J’s

Liverpool Street station is up there when it comes to being busy, you only need to walk through at rush hour to know that. First stop will be Farmer J, the forkin’ good food allows you to choose your tray of food!

Farmer J is a fantastic new restaurant cafe where you can choose from healthy selections of food which vary from tailoring to vegan needs all the way to chicken, steak or turkey. After you have picked your ‘main protein source’ you can select your sides as you build your Farmer J-tray. They have a delicious selection of salads, roasted vegetables and other healthier options. If you are looking for a tasty meal and with balanced nutrients, then this place is for you. Something to note however is you’re not getting a lunch for under £7.00 if deciding on Farmer J. But like all good things, you pay for the quality.


Crussh is undoubtedly an option we can highly recommend to people for breakfast and lunch. They have a good selection of scrambled eggs, and you can choose your toppings! They have other morning favourites such as oats and porridge options. You can also get your raw juice, booster shots, healthpots, and salad.


Another option is to check the restaurants. With lunch time traffic not their normal busy hours there are some great deals to be had. If you are looking to get your protein fix for the day, Haz is undoubtedly another good option. It is a fantastic Turkish restaurant that serves Mediterranean and European cuisines. They offer everything from mixed grills to delicious aubergine dishes, which you can pair up with the traditional Turkish cuisine. Get your carb fix with rice, bulgar or lovely salad.


And lastly, our must-go-to place is Leon. With the majority of their foods oven-baked, you know you’re not going to have those unwanted deep-fried fats that are doing nothing for you. They have a wide selection of vegetarian meals and protein dishes, as well as a fantastic vegan burger, which comes in a gluten-free bun if you wanted tick that box.


So that’s our top 4 picks in eating healthy in the city. If you know some of the great healthy places nearby, let us know on our blog or Facebook!