The Best Way To Boost Your Endurance | No1 Fitness

The Best Way To Boost Your Endurance | No1 Fitness

Endurance allows people to work out at certain intensities or for an extended amount of time. Although the endurance ability is mostly a matter of genetics, maximal oxygen uptake can be improved with targeted training. High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts have been shown to do the trick.

It’s possible for virtually anybody to improve his or her endurance. Endurance athletes often have a higher proportion of slow-twitch muscle fibers, which work best with activities like running by using oxygen efficiently to generate more energy.

Running long can train slow-twitch muscles to fuel such workouts more efficiently and to fight fatigue more effectively. A constant practice of long-distance running can also help convert fast-twitch muscle to slow-twitch muscle, which will enhance endurance.

Try these tips to help improve your endurance.

  • Eat right. When it comes to exercise nutrition, eating right is key, make sure you eat before you work out.
  • Do some HIIT. High intensity interval training can help improve endurance with traditional training
  • Add some strength. When it comes to endurance training, variation is important. Resistance training can strengthen our ligaments, tendons, and muscles, helping improve overall fitness.
  • kettlebells, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises to help improve stamina
  • Turn on the tunes. Listening to music has been shown to boost endurance performance while walking.
  • Slowly and steadily increase the weight you lift or the duration of your set. This is a great way to build endurance.