What Really Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

What Really Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

Are you thinking about using a personal trainer? Finding the best can often be a daunting task. Not only do you want incredible results, but you need the right personality for you. There are so many Personal Trainers in London alone, so what separates the best from the rest?

Over the years since opening No1 Fitness I have worked with and employed some of the most incredible trainers, and here is what I feel makes a top personal trainer.


Adaptability is absolutely crucial and this is where many trainers fall short.

Personal Training is all about the client and their goals. Many trainers specialise in certain areas such as strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, transformations, pre and post natal etc. This is great if you client has any of these specific goals and comes to you for that. However, the problem is where the client’s goals are more generic; for example losing weight, and the trainer starts coaching them based on their own approach and not paying attention to the clients needs.

A good Personal Trainer needs to be able to change their approach to each client, which many find difficult. I always say give the client what they want first, and then coach and educate them along the way. If your trainer isn’t adapting to you, how are you going to feel comfortable?


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Communication and Coaching

There is much more involved in truly coaching someone than simply what happens during workout sessions. Most trainers charge by the hour, and most of the time that’s all the client gets: an hour workout. A good trainer will do so much more than this.

Communication outside of the sessions for me is one of the most important things for a client. Remember, you are likely to spend 2-3 hours per week training with your coach, and the rest of the time you will be on your own.

Having a trainer who is regularly checking in with their clients makes such a difference. In the same respect, a great coach will also focus on other areas of your life such as nutrition, activity, habits and sleep. This gives so much more value, and also a much better experience for you as a client, resulting in you increasing the likelihood of getting better results. A good trainer will take over the whole journey and want to know how you’re doing in and out of sessions.


Working in an office is generally a job which requires a high amount of organisation, and the same should apply to your personal trainer. The most successful trainers have always been those who are really well organised. Diary management becomes important when managing lots of clients, especially if they are training in different locations. As a customer of a personal trainer, you will always remember the times that trainer is late to a session! Programming, communicating with clients, and even dealing with payments and invoices all need good organisation. Trainers should always set aside admin time into their weekly schedules; if you feel neglected by your trainer, perhaps it’s time to get a new one who works around your schedule.

Getting Results

This is the reason most people get a personal trainer in the first place. People want to lose weight, get ripped, get fit, increase muscle, improve their health etc, and they need a professional to help them achieve their goals. Results are the most important thing and this for me is what makes the difference between an average trainer and a great trainer. A trainer should have a portfolio of results to showcase. This will give credibility; it will also motivate others as it will show that it is possible. If you are looking to work with a trainer, make sure you ask them to show you results from previous clients. If they have nothing to show, ask them why? You deserve it.


Above anything else, a personal trainer should have a genuine care for what they do and for helping others. If they purely do this for work with no love for the job, they will not go far and not get the best for their clients. Clients will always work better with people that show an interest in them and their progress. Some of the most knowledgeable trainers struggle to build a successful PT career in London because they do not have that care that is needed for their clients.

Practice what they preach

Finally a trainer who is at the top of their game will practice what they preach. This does not mean they have to be impeccable shape, but it does however mean that they are promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle. Clients will look up to their trainer, and its great when they are inspired and motivated by the example they have set. Good trainers will always keep learning as well, and you should ensure that your trainer feels like they can never know enough. The fitness industry has changed so much over the past few years, so it is important trainers are staying up to date with the research and developing their craft on a constant basis.

Do you have examples of an excellent personal training trait? Let us know in the comments.