Why group training is good for results?

Why group training is good for results?

No worries. We all do! And we have a solution for you: Our 30-minute group fitness classes!


Walking into a class, having people smile at you, chill to the same music, execute the same workouts and sweat together with you can instantaneously make you feel less lonely in the world. This is the recognition that life’s trials do not have to be confronted alone. Training with a group can surge levels of commitment, motivation and hold members responsible, all of which help you accomplish your fitness goals. With our results-driven training programs here at No1 Fitness, we offer a sense of belonging and strong community-vibe.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

All things considered, a group workout is a super formula to keep you coming back for more. But our our trainers at No1 Fitness know that they need to encourage and support not just the body, but the mind and soul, too to keep people coming back.


Whether you’re working out shoulder-to-shoulder with companions or merely looking throughout the fitness floor at recognisable faces, there lies a resilient motivation in the sensation that “we are all in this together”. Group training not only stimulates a feeling of community and togetherness but also, normalizes the requirement to uphold efficient health-and-fitness performance.


If you’re feeling tested or trailing behind through a workout, you can glance around and discover a bit of understanding or reassurance from your peers to power you through.

We here at No1 Fitness have transformed the traditional class design by proposing our distinctive take on Group Training. Our results based sessions are capped at 6 people per session lasting only 30 minutes- making it easy for all you workaholics to come and catch a quick workout during work breaks!


These sessions are devised to aid you in accomplishing your health and fitness goals with the help of our devoted trainers guiding you from start to end. Not only do we welcome ALL fitness levels, but we also have a variety of different class styles – Strength, Cardio, Boxing, Movement, Suspension etc on offer for you to hand pick from with more than 12 sessions PER DAY!

So why not come try something new with some of the best trainers at No1 Fitness? Book now here.