Why Is Sugar So Bad? | No1 Fitness

Why Is Sugar So Bad? | No1 Fitness

The hardest part about being fit for most is healthy eating. As you know giving up your favourite chocolate treats and weekend nights out is the most difficult part of changing your old lifestyle to a more healthy one.

Most people eat too much sugar which is no surprise when you see the amount of sweets and fizzy drinks displayed around tills in supermarkets and off-licenses. Sugar is naturally in foods such as fruit and milk but we don’t need to cut down on these types of sugars. The sugars you need to cut down on are added to most of the food we eat, you’ll find it added to sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and juice drinks as well as the buns on a fast food burger. These are the types of sugary food you need to cut down on not only to save your teeth but save yourself from heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Sugary food are high in energy and eating these foods often can contribute to you becoming overweight. To maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, you should eat sugary foods only occasionally, and you should aim to gain most of your calories from starchy foods and fruits and vegetables.

Fruit juice is still a healthy choice, and counts as one of your recommended daily five portions of fruit and vegetables. But it is best to drink fruit juice at mealtimes to minimise damage to your teeth.

Tips to cut down on sugars:

Replace fizzy drinks with water or unsweetened fruit juice. If you must have fizz, try diluting fruit juice with sparkling water.

Swap cakes and biscuits for a fruit or a scone with low fat spread.

If you take sugar in hot drinks or add sugar to your breakfast cereal, gradually reduce the amount until you can cut it out altogether.

Rather than spreading jam, marmalade, syrup, treacle or honey on your toast, try a low-fat spread, sliced banana or low-fat cream cheese instead.