Why? Why? Why? | No1 Fitness

Why? Why? Why? | No1 Fitness

3 reasons why you cannot seem to lose AND keep weight off!

1) You are eating in a way that is not sustainable. You lose the weight eating nothing but a leaf of spinach and a Herbalife protein shake, but as soon as you come off of ‘the diet’ your body is so underfed that you gorge on every piece of food that is in sight, piling the weight back on and then some. Make it easy for yourself by modifying a small amount of your day to day food, thereby making it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

2) Your exercise is not enjoyable. Spending hours on the treadmill or cross trainer is neither fun nor productive, so find something that’s fun and do that instead! Whether it’s lifting weights, spin, Zumba or playing Pokémon Go, anything that you find exciting and gets you moving, do that and have fun!

3) You are not drinking enough. No…..not wine, water! Many people confuse thirst for hunger. So put down the Mochachino and go and fill up your water bottle!


Written by No1Fitness personal trainer Andy Farquharson