Zakiya’s Full Body Transformation | No1 Fitness

Zakiya’s Full Body Transformation | No1 Fitness

Zakiya has been one of the most dedicated clients we’ve had at No1 Fitness. She came to us weighing 110kg and has since lost 45kg!! Her journey shows that losing a large amount of weight is possible and achievable with a personal trainer who knows what they’re doing and client who does not give up at the first hurdle. Read below for Zakiya’s testimonial.

“I remember the first time walking into the Tower Bridge studio scared, nervous and worried. I had always battled with my weight. Signing up to gyms and ending up not going – I then found No1 online and decided to give them a try. My biggest weight was 110kg and at the time of joining no1 fitness I was 100kg and very upset about myself image. I met Jamie who reassured me that we together will get the results I wanted. It wasn’t easy and indeed looking back was certainly a rollercoaster of a journey. The constant tears and melt downs where a weekly occurrence in my training sessions with Jamie, whom probably should of had someone support him too. There was a point where I wanted to give up but Jamie kept me going. He was determined to get me to where I always wanted to be, a healthy, toned slimmer me.

And here I am 65kg, feeling great and oozing with confidence.  I cannot thank Jamie enough for giving me my life back. I am not quite at my final goal but the life style changes and the fitness routine I have is apart of me now.  I would like to also thank the entire team for their warm, friendly attitude and on going support, the smiles on their faces each time I reached a goal just proved how much they wanted to see me achieve my goals.

I am truly grateful for all No1 studio has done for me. Special thanks goes to Jamie for putting up with me and getting me results that speak for themselves.

Thank you so much!”

– Zak