Zara Had Never Seen Results Before! | No1 Fitness

Zara Had Never Seen Results Before! | No1 Fitness

Zara had never seen results and always got it ill when training.

She has been trained by personal trainer Tony Peacock for 3 weeks so far [12 week transformation]. Early results have shown she lost 2 1/2 inches of waist and also nearly 3% body fat, mainly from adding weights and the right nutrition.

The session was based around a push/pull workout with metcon elements like the prowler to shred body fat, increase endurance and develop muscle tone.

At No1 Fitness it’s all about rediscovering and reshaping the body beneath your clothes – creating a more confident and comfortable you.

Whether you’re looking to transform your body for a special occasion, improve your fitness for a challenge that lies ahead, lose fat or simply want to gain a better quality of health, we can help you reach your goal.

We know not everyone has the confidence to bare it all in broad daylight—especially in front of a significant other or a new love interest. However, that’s not to say that you can’t get there. With our results driven PT training programmes, you can beat the bloat, trim your middle and start feeling more confident with the lights on!

Tony’s simple mission is to get Zara the body she deserves!

Watch Zara’s training session HERE. For more workout videos just visit No1Fitness Youtube channel.

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