I have been going to gyms intermittently for a long period of time (too many years to mention) and while I considered myself to be relatively fit I have never been able to get a physique that I felt showed I was getting any real benefit out of my sessions.

Late in 2015 I decided to try something different and noticed an advertisement for No1 Fitness. I went in for a quick chat and after explaining what I’d like to achieve found myself signing up to a 6 week transformation program. Within two days my personal trainer, Simon Jones, had introduced himself and from then my sessions started.

I wouldn’t say I was skeptical but I did wonder how much difference I could really see in 6 weeks. However, I can happily say, when the sessions ended my body fat had come down by over 4%, my general fitness and energy levels had improved significantly and I felt the best I had in years.

It was a real eye opening experience for me when I saw how much harder I needed to work to see the benefit and after a really tough first couple of weeks, where every muscle in my body seemed to ache, I started to notice the difference. In my case “no pain no gain” was very apt and while it was hard it was very much worth the effort.

This improvement was due to Simon’s excellent training plans, which were tailored perfectly for me and gained in intensity as the weeks went by. His encouragement during the many times my body was screaming “no more” were instrumental in getting that extra bit of effort out of my body. As result I’ve come to realise it is not the first 1 – 6 reps that make the difference it’s the reps where you feel you can’t do anymore that you give the most benefit.

Simon also frequently contacted me outside of the sessions to see how I was getting on and to ask if I had any questions about the sessions or my diet. This was very beneficial and helped immeasurably to keep me on track and I’d like to say a big thanks to him again.

I would thoroughly recommend using No1 Fitness especially if all the trainers are up to Simon’s excellent standard.