Being a Senior Project Manager at a software company in the city, David had let work life get on top of him and wanted to make a change. Getting rid of his excess body fat, increasing strength and size whilst wanting to feel fitter and healthier.

Having a background in kickboxing meant that David’s work capacity was very high, meaning Andy could push him to his limits in order to achieve what David wanted…look awesome at 40 years old.

David’s journey took 20 weeks (including 2 stag dos) at 2 sessions per week, 1 class and a kickboxing session. Andy also prescribed the occasional cardio session when needed as well.

Andy’s PT sessions with David consisted of strength training at higher reps for the first 3-4 weeks, then intermittent blocks of heavy weights and lower reps in order to increase strength and size.

In terms of nutrition, David was on a calorie restricted plan and high protein intake for 14 weeks in order to lose body fat, then higher kcals for the last 6 weeks to help build more muscle.

The results speak for themselves, with David being able to see his abs and feeling much stronger and confident.