I want to firstly say how much I greatly appreciated the work and effort put in by Ben Harper in helping me lose my weight. Having peaked at 122.5kg on the scales and knowing that previous efforts as losing weight via a gym have not worked, I am glad that I chose to come to No1 Fitness. Naturally, there was a lot of hard work, but it did surprise me how effortless Ben made the workouts seem and how it was suited and adapted to me and my abilities. I found the workouts provided by Ben perhaps a step-up to what I was used to. Of course, this only benefited me in the long run and I have to say I hold him in high regard for showing me what I can be capable of. The nutrition advice provided was of great benefit and there was always someone around that could provide further support on that front if needed.

Overall, working out at the Tower Bridge studio has been a positive experience, aided further by the welcome provided by Michelle or the friendliness and encouragement that is provided by the other trainers on the floor (David, Andre, Sam, to name a few). I now have the knowledge and ability to make better choices, keep up regular exercise and ensure that I maintain my weight around the current level (90kg), and for that, I am truly grateful.

The biggest surprise from the body transformation experience is that despite requiring commitment and hard work on my part, you guys made it seem easier than I expected and made it an overall pleasant/enjoyable experience.

The biggest challenge for me was the food. Either fighting cravings, choosing better options when out, forgoing drinking at times. Balancing it all, which eventually became easier over time with support provided by you guys.

TOP TIP = It needs commitment, you have to turn up and try hard. But also use the resources that No 1 offers, it makes it easier.