Nicole had 2 goals, to get in shape for a friends wedding coming up and also to improve her strength for her charity 3 Peak Challenge.

Being your typical desk bound City worker, Nicole was very sedentary, extremely stressed, had experienced a few spinning classes plus her day to day nutrition was not the greatest.

In her resistance program, Andy used a lot of super sets going between the lower and upper body (a method also known as German Body Composition) whilst keeping the majority of the lower body exercises as ‘single leg’ exercises (such as split squats, lunges etc) to help with her 3 Peak Challenge.

For Nicole’s nutrition, she was previously consuming a lot of calories in the form of Mocha’s and Lattes, supermarket sandwiches and takeaways. Whilst this food was high in calories, it also wasn’t very filling. What Mark did, as well as reducing her calories, was to increased the amount of food she consumed I.e extra vegetables, leaner cuts of meat, black coffees. These changes meant that Nicole was constantly full all whilst still being in a calories deficit.

Despite calling Andy all manner of names and insults, Nicole enjoyed her training, has made sustainable lifestyle changes and now has a good understanding of strength training which she can take forward into her own training.