10 Things that I have learned in 10 Years

10 Things that I have learned in 10 Years

This week we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our personal training studio, No1 Fitness.  Although it still only feels like yesterday, so much has changed in that time, and I wanted to use this week’s column to share some of the lessons I’ve learned.

1. There’s more to personal training than working out

When we opened No1 Fitness, I was relatively new to the business. Back then I thought my job was just giving clients the best workout, pushing them to their limits and repeating the process in the next session.

But fitness is about far more than lifting weights. What happens outside the gym has a huge impact on a client’s progress. I realized that personal training is a form of life coaching, taking in aspects of nutrition, habit changing, accountability, mindset, sleep, and recovery.

Everything is linked, and improving one area will have an effect on the others. If I can get a client to sleep better, they will have more energy, be happier, train harder and recover better.


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