Harry Thomas

Harry Thomas

Harry Thomas has always displayed a passion for sport, not to mention an entrepreneurial streak. As a teenager, when he wasn’t playing football, he could be found running the import business he’d set up on eBay!  Starting out as a Personal Trainer, Harry now is also a Life coach, fitness educator and a mentor

As an adult, Harry has succeeded in coupling his love for fitness with business after setting up No1 Fitness with Ben, working together to drive its growth over the last 10 years.

Harry is a big believer in the importance of getting the people right above all else when building an effective Personal Training service. He cites the rigorous training that all team members undergo as being central to the unique No1 Fitness ethos, and firmly believes that it is this that has brought about the amazing client transformations that they’re now renowned for.

Harry’s own clients include Grammy nominated singer/songwriter MNEK, alongside journalists from an array of titles such as The Sun, City AM and Canary Wharf Magazine, all of whom can testify to his dedication and passion.

His focus now is to continue to build the No1 Fitness team, something he hopes to drive by producing more highly educated Personal Trainers via No1 Fitness Education.