Paulina Szymańska

Paulina Szymańska

Paulina has always been active from a very young age, which first started when joining a football team.  Since then, she new that sport was life and never left that world, ever since.  She has played football semi-professional and has a big love for the sport.

She then continued her love for the sport by choosing to do a five-year bachelor and master degree.  She graduated with honors as a fully qualified Physical Education Teacher and for people with Special Educational Needs.

After this, she qualified as a Personal Trainer and grew a passion for functional movement, as she noticed that when people moved smarter, their lives would be better, especially as they are cooped up behind a desk for a big part of their day

She is also fully qualified as a Pre and Post Natal Trainer.

She approaches every client individually with a huge smile and deep belief that physical health influences, mental health, and general well-being.

“I always endeavor to learn and improve myself in order to provide the very best experience for my clients. I try to lead by example in all things that I do as a trainer and hope that my example will inspire every around me to better themselves”