No1 Fitness virtual personal training brings London’s top PT’s to anyone around the world!

Virtual 1on1 training


10 sessions

Virtual Monthly


Unlimited Sessions


Our Personal Training goes far beyond just a workout. We work with you on your nutrition, daily habits, routine planning, programming and accountability.

Since launching at the start of 2020, virtual one on one coaching has been a huge success. We have a number of clients throughout the world who now can achieve top results without having to leave their front room, garden or even kitchen!

Personal Training has never been made more accessible until now. Our trainers will coach you through each session and throughout your journey with us.


Training made simple through your phone. If you are unable to train at our studios then you can still train with our team virtually.


No1 Fitness offer a wide range of fitness classes catered to all fitness levels and age ranges.

Sign in to one of our classes from the timetable and let the team take you through the session.

We have designed the workouts so that people can train without needing any equipment as well as introducing strength classes to give me people the much need variety.

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7:00AM Heavy Half Hour Bodyweight Blast Heavy Half Hour Bodyweight Blast Feel Fresh And Move
7:45AM Kinstretch Breath Session Kinstretch Breath Session Kinstretch Sunday Stretch and Mobilize
10:00AM Elderly Fit Elderly Fit Bodyweight Blast
12:00AM Total Destroyer Move And Burn Heavy Half Hour Heavy Half Hour Bodyweight Blast
18:00AM Bodyweight Blast Move And Burn Heavy Half Hour Move And Burn Total Destroyer


Learn how to optimise your breath.  Great for physical well-being, increases energy, helps manage stress and leaves you feeling fantastic after

This is a bodyweight class that will torch calories.   The session will involve a lot of multidirectional movements and core exercises.  Be sure to get a sweat on with this session

This is a weighted session, so it’s about adding resistance.
Please make sure you have a pair of dumbbells, a heavy object ie kettlebell or book and a small or big resistance band.
This will add the needed stress to your muscles to help improve strength and tone

This is a specialised class for anyone over 50.  Being stuck indoors for long periods means that would will be moving less.  It’s important to keep your joints moving and heart pumping even more than ever.  The workout will be low intensity and all that’s needed is your bodyweight.  If you know of anyone this class will benefit, please share this on

Live from Australia. This is a specialized class and one that will benefit everyone.

Defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion

After a long working week, we want to get you moving as freely as possible each Friday morning!  A range of bodyweight exercises to get you feeling great

Just your body needed for this one.  Get ready to work hard and at a high intensity.   Time to get the heart rate pumping and lungs breathing.   30 mins of hard work coming your way

Grab your rucksack or bag and stock it up with books and water bottles to add resistance.  The session will involve you putting more stress on the muscles.  A great calorie and fat burning session.